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Publication Date:  21/02/2017

James M. Camara, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, at Yeshiva College, is seeking applicants for an open postdoctoral scholar position in my laboratory at Yeshiva College of Yeshiva University. His current research focuses on the design and study of transmetallation reactions that could enable dual catalyst systems for alkane activation. Aspects of the project include ligand synthesis, design and synthesis of Group 13 complexes with unique properties, and thermodynamic measurement of bond strengths. A related small side project also involves the development of P-C cross-coupling reactions. Funding is assured for one year, with possible extension based on performance and grant funds. Applicants with experience in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and/or organometallic chemistry are encouraged to apply.

Yeshiva College is a small liberal arts college serving only undergraduates. The Chemistry Department, located in Washington Heights on YU’s WILF campus, consists of 5 faculty members who all maintain research programs and actively conduct experiments in their individual 625 ft2 laboratories. The Chemistry Department is a small but well-equipped department. Researchers in the department have access to FT-IR spectrometer, UV-VIS spectrometer, GC-MS, (2) GC’s with FID detectors, HPLC, rotovaps, atomic absorption spectrometer, fluorimeter, solvent purification system, electrochemistry stations, schlenk lines and glove boxes. Access to other instrumentation is available at the nearby Morningside Campus of Columbia University.

To apply, please send a CV, cover letter, and list of references to camara@yu.edu.

If you have questions, please feel free to email or call.

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